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Join a CDA Committee

Membership Committee

(Currently without a Coordinator.)
Email Laura Mitchell

The purpose of the Membership Committee will be, clearly, to bring new members into the California Disability Alliance. The larger our membership, the stronger our voice! The more legislative districts we cover, the better able we are to influence the legislature as a whole!

Outreach for new members can involve: Describing the work of the Alliance to your friends and connections in disability organizations or other groups that you feel would be interested in supporting our work. This can happen ONLINE or out in the "real" world of ILC"s, Commissions, Advocacy Groups, Public Authorities, Disability Support Groups and others.

Would you like to help us with outreach in your California locality? Do you belong to online lists that you feel would be sympathetic to the work of CDA? Are you connected with OFF line groups that you would like to be informed about our work?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then join our Membership Committee! We will set up a CDA-Membership listserv where committee members may share ideas, report progress. You can help us, not only with numbers, but with ideas as to mechanisms by which OFF line folks can be more directly involved in our work.

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CDA Membership Committee.

Legislative Committee

Coordinator, Laura Mitchell,

The purpose of the Legislative Committee will be to track, and make recommendations on, specific legislation on health care issues that matter to us. Our primary focus will be on the California Assembly and Senate, but we are interested in federal bills too. Our Associate (non-resident) members are welcome to contribute to the latter discussion.

Have you ever wanted to learn the tools used by our expert legislative analysts to track legislation and to determine whether or not any specific bill will help or hurt us? Where should CDA put its energies in support of bills? Is there legislation on the calendar that might be hazardous to our health? How do we stop those hurtful bills from passing?

Work together and with our experienced analyst Laura Remson Mitchell to develop skills in this area and help guide our Alliance to focus its support on the most important, most effective bills that have a good chance of passing. We will need your help to make sure that we don"t lose a good possibility, or don"t let a harmful bill creep up on us for a nasty surprise.

If you would like to participate in learning and assisting CDA's advocacy on legislative matters, then join our Legislative Committee! We have a CDA-Legislative listserv where committee members may share ideas and report progress. NOW is the time to join! A lot is happening that will affect the lives of people with disabilities, and through CDA, you can play an important role to protect, preserve and advance disability rights and independent living!

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CDA Legislative Committee.

Action Against Legalizing Physician-assisted Suicide

Coordinator, Marilyn Golden,

Although we, along with many others, succeeded in preventing passage of A.B. 1592 (Aroner), the "Death with Dignity" Bill in the California Assembly during 1999 - 2000, efforts to prevent legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia in California and across the country and world have not abated. In California, there may be other bills or ballot propositions in the future. There is also a need to oppose similar efforts outside California.

The successful effort to halt that bill resulted in the formation of a coalition with many disparate groups, all of which joined together to fight the legalization of assisted suicide. We intend to keep working with these groups to ensure that no such proposal, or ballot proposition, will succeed in California. Furthermore, we need to educate the public about the true dangers of any such law or act, no matter how narrowly the legal language may be crafted.

Join with other California Disability Alliance members to help inform legislators and members of the public. As we do this, CDA will be working to bring about improvements in pain management and aspects of end-of-life care.

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CDA Action Against Legalizing Assisted Suicide.

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