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The California Disability Alliance welcomes ALL persons with or without disabilities who support our cause. We have an executive committee--your leaders who are willing to share the work of getting information to the membership, organizing actions by the membership, applying for grants, putting together this website, maintaining listservs, linking up with other organizations, listening to all of you and keeping our collective ears to the ground to learn about happenings which may be vital to us all.

Executive Committee Members are:

Our fiscal sponsor is the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), represented on our Executive Committee by Marilyn Golden. Marilyn is based in the Berkeley/Oakland area, but also is active at the national level, particularly on the subjects of the ADA and other disability law. Laura Mitchell is a public policy analyst/writer and a long-time advocate for a disability-sensitive health-care system. She keeps track of memberships and holds down the fort for us in Southern California.

Jean Nandi, CDA founder, is Executive Committee Member Emeritus.

Help us spread the word! If you know of others on the internet lists or in your community who would like to join CDA, please send us a message with their names and other information. The California Disability Alliance will be forming coalitions with other organizations across the country to advance these ideals. We need to promote universal, accessible, quality HEALTH CARE, including compassionate pain management and end-of-life care--NOT suicide!

email: Laura Remson Mitchell ]
Member, Executive Committee
California Disability Alliance
Health Policy Analyst and Advocate from Southern California

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